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International Cooperation in the Field of Higher Education for Developing Software Talents

SoftAware project aims to create a transnational partnership between the major actors responsible for IT professionals’ enhancement, namely HE, research centers, employers, professional associations, social partners, VET providers and SMEs in order to foster the development of software talents across Europe through a continuous update of the educational curriculum.

Project Intellectual Outputs:

  • IO1: Bachelor Degree Curriculum in Software Technologies
  • IO2: SoftAware Open Online Courses
  • IO3: SoftAware Soft Skills Toolkit for University lecturers In Computer Sciences

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FLOURISH - Facilitating Organisational Innovation

The general aim of FLOURISH project is to support the uptake of organizational innovation by SMEs across Europe through the development, piloting and implementation of a holistic innovation coaching methodology using a multilevel approach - individual, group and organizational.

Project Outputs:

1) Organisational Innovation Coach for SME - Professional Profile: A concise description of the general scope, key responsibilities, skills, competencies, knowledge, education and training typically required for the occupation of Organisational Innovation Coach for SME.

2) FLOURISH Curriculum, Course and Manual for learners: The course is framed within a creative process, enabling participants to learn by doing, while using a new social technology and creating new outputs, in terms of anticipating the consequences of possible projects.

3) FLOURISH Educational Video: It serves the purpose of refresher training, aimed at recalling and reinforcing previously acquired knowledge and skills. It is designed as a self-oriented and distance learning tool.

4) FLOURISH Guide for VET providers: A focused methodological document aimed at supporting VET providers in the process of using the FLOURISH training content.

Following the FLOURISH methodology, SMEs will be able to introduce new forms of work organization, ensure stronger employee participation in innovation processes, advance the managerial techniques and draw lessons to build on in their continuous improvement.

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HI-GLOBE - Highlighting the Potential of English Language Learning for Global Education Purposes

In today’s world there is a huge need for responsible, informed and globally oriented citizens. The HI-GLOBE project is highlighting and using the potential of English-language learning to support adult learners to connect, to be aware and more responsible in civic and social life. HI-GLOBE intends to identify and develop the best possible pedagogies that can support the idea that language learning is not a goal but a tool for the further development of individuals towards a more sustainable society.

The interactive and innovative HI-GLOBE learning modules developed within the project will not only help the language learners to increase their global citizen competences, but also make it easier to improve their language skills, since the learning will take place in a much more holistic, socio-cognitive environment.

Project Intellectual Outputs:

IO1 – Study on the approach of English teachers on Global Educational methodologies and purposes

IO2 – HI-GLOBE Learning Modules & Learning Platform

For more information, please visit the HI-GLOBE e-learning platform.



InnCrea - Standards for implementing programmes aimed at discovering and developing creativity, pioneering in pursuit of innovation

The overall aim of the innCREA project is to transfer, adapt and develop an intergraded training programme package (material and methodologies) for teaching creativity and pioneering in the working place aiming to support European HEIs and local companies to benefit from this knowledge and use it in a practical manner in their everyday activities.

Project results:

1 - innCREA Creativity and Pioneering Audit Tool

2 - innCREA Guideline

3 - innCREA Creativity & Pioneering Training Programme Package

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DigiWork - Digital Transformation, Industry 4.0 and Human Resources Management: Innovative skills to enhance HE students’ employability, flexibility and transversal capabilities

The DigiWork project focuses on new digital work approaches that will be needed in Europe. These approaches imply a real digital revolution in process management and competences. The project aims to identify and analyze relevant concepts, to encourage Higher Education Institutions to enhance their teaching curricula, and to spread good practices.

Project results:

1- A research on innovative skills and best practices to enhance HE students employability, flexibility and transversal capabilities and develop effective digital workbased approaches 

2- Online training curriculum: methodology of development and delivering

3- Learning contents, workplace guidelines and skills assessment tools

4 - Integrated online platform for learning, cooperation and resources sharing

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i-Career - Integrated training programme package for VET students

i-Career is an European social innovation project that aims to transfer, adapt and implement an intergraded training programme (material and methodologies) in order to develop VET schools pupils soft skills and, at the same time, contribute do diminish the gap between skills in demand in the labor market and the skills offered by VET education. The i-Career website together with the i-Career books are products for achievement of the project aim through conduction of training course for VET students using the help of consultants and jobseekers.

Project results:

RES1 -  A joint business and educational tool to verify the competence gaps of students on the labour market

RES2 - i-Career Didactic Methodology

RES3 - i-Career Interactive training materials and exercises (filling in questionnaires and/ or inquiries)

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Opp4YOUth - Development opportunities for youth workers by implementing the innovative methods for learning

The project aims to promote high quality work between educators and young workers. The main objective of the project is to reduce the gap between the personal and professional needs of youth workers, towards a more rewarding career in the field of youth.

Project results:

RES1 - Summary report of the research among youth workers and teachers about areas for personal and professional development

RES2 - Methodology for personal and professional development based on non-formal learning

RES3 - Tools for personal and professional development for youthworkers- training programme and materials including online platform

Testing workshops for 12 teachers (EDITC) and 24 young people

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