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Associação Intercultural Amigos da Mobilidade (A.I.A.M.) is a non-profit association that specializes in European Internships Programs. Based in Barcelos, Portugal, the association promotes, organizes and supports international mobility programs and international meetings on topics of mutual interest, multiculturality and interculturality.

A.I.A.M. works as a host and receiving organization of VET students, teachers, officials and university students offering them vocational orientation and/or labor experience, skills and knowledge enhancement, know-how and better chances for professional career and success on the labor market. The total number of hosted participants exceeds 14.700 mobility users from more than 39 countries all around the world.

Being a receiving partner, A.I.A.M. deals with the preparation of training/work placement programmes tailored to the needs of the interns. The Association offers trainees excellent conditions for professional and personal development, language advancement. 

Throughout the years of experience, A.I.A.M. has built strong relationships with local and international companies, which host young students from different EU countries. They provide them with professional experience opening international labour markets for them.  

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