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The BEGIN Toolbox is an online interactive resource, available on this link. It illustrates specific career exploration activities that have been put into practice by partner universities and presents the experience of students, employers and academic staff during their planning, execution and follow-up. The toolbox contains text and video testimonials of stakeholders, analysis of the strengths and weaknesses in the process, as well as guidelines for successful implementation based on real experience of the universities, students and stakeholders.

The BEGIN Toolbox brings the following benefits for students, employers and universities:

1.  Students are able to:

~meet employers during the practices and may find a job/internship

~gain knowledge of skills demand on the labor market and identify areas that they should improve

~gain insights about the real corporate environment

~develop their soft skills

~have the opportunity to apply the knowledge and technical competencies they learn in their university courses.

2.   Employers are able to:

~meet potential employees

~gain fresh ideas and creative solutions to real corporate issues

~establish connections with HEIs and gain partners for venture initiatives.

3.    Universities are able to do:

~gain valuable feedback from both students and employers which are the skills that should be developed for the generation of competitive young workforce

~strengthen institutional capacity for carrying out such activities

~strengthen the link with business for a better preparation of students to meet the labor market needs

~provide the basis for partner universities to improve career exploration activities in the future and serve as an example of best practice for other HEIs on national and EU level.

Download the BEGIN Toolbox for career exploration activities