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BEGIN Practical methodology for joint Business-Education Initiatives is an open educational resource instrument for businessmen, public administrators, civil servants technicians and other technical staff. It aims to train them on how to effectively pass their knowledge to create the employees they would like to have and to promote exactly those skills they need and want to have in their organization.

The methodology contains a step-by-step mentoring plan and guidelines on what a businessman should do in order to become a real mentor and develop the desired skills in their respective mentee.

The following activities are carried out for the development of the BEGIN practical methodology:

- O2-A1: In-depth interviews with stakeholders

-, O2-A2: Analysis of results

- ,O2-A3: Elaboration of BEGIN practical methodology (mentoring plan and practical guidelines)

- O2-A4: Putting the BEGIN practical methodology into real practice - The results from the application of the methodology will be documented in the experience report.

- O2-A5: Refinement

Download the BEGIN Practical methodology for joint Business-Education Initiatives