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The project will result in three complementary Intellectual Outputs which form a comprehensive programme triangle:

~ IO1: BEGIN Toolbox for career exploration activities – A know-how and inspiration tool for HEIs, which provides guidelines based on a real experience of partner universities. The toolbox collects various career exploration activities and experiences of students, employers and academic staff during planning, execution and follow-up of these activities.

~ IO2: BEGIN Practical methodology for joint Business-Education Initiatives - A comprehensive methodology, equipping successful professionals with a step by step mentoring plan and guidelines on how to effectively pass their knowledge to their mentees and develop the skills they would like their future employees to have.

~ IO3: BEGIN training course for Soft Skills & Personal Development - Open e-learning training material that boosts HEI’s staff qualification and thus serves as a tool for boosting students’ soft skills, demanded by both contemporary and future labor market, such as cognitive load management; virtual collaboration; social intelligence; novel and adaptive thinking; cross-cultural competences, etc.